Equine & Canine Shiatsu

Equine and Canine Shiatsu


Works on the same principles as human Shiatsu but the treatments are developed to assist our four legged friends.

It is a gentle touch therapy that can help to improve an animals physical and mental disharmonies. This is achieved by gentle soft tissue massage, stretching and manipulating and pressure point work as required - to release stuck energy (Qi).

Equine and Canine Shiatsu can help with many conditions including:


  • Stiffness, including joint pain and reduced mobility
  • Skin conditions
  • Performance issues
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Low energy and tiredness


Equine and Canine Shiatsu Sessions

Before commencing the initial session Nina will take a concise case history, focusing on medical history, including current and old injuries, the type of work they do, their personality and behaviour. At this stage you must inform Nina of any medication the animal is taking and of any other treatments being received. Following this a visual assessment and touch techniques are used to determine disharmonies in the meridians. Each session lasts approximately one hour for equines and 30-45 minutes for canines. The first session will be slightly longer as this will include the initial consultation with you.

What to expect in an Shiatsu treatment

Nina will treat the animals whole body by using finger or palm pressure or sometimes, if needed, elbows. The delivery of a treatment will involve massage techniques, rotations and stretches of joints and limbs. If appropriate Nina will also use moxibustion to warm specific acupoints.


Following Shiatsu, due to the bodies natural healing processes, there can be a feeling of increased vitality and they may feel invigorated yet relaxed. It is recommended that they have rest for two hours after having received Shiatsu, or if possible for the rest of the day.

Nina can also explain and demonstrate techniques that you can use with yourself on your animal.


Guidelines for receiving Equine Shiatsu

Nina will travel to your yard to treat your horse/s. Prior to each session, the horse should be dry and free of mud, preferably in a stable during quiet times for the yard i.e. not when the horse is expecting to be fed or turned out. You will also be asked to provide any information that may affect the safety of your practitioner. For the horse to experience the maximum benefit, please refrain from riding or working the horse for two hours before each session.


Guidelines for receiving Canine Shiatsu

Each session takes place at your home lasts approximately 30-45 minutes, allow 1 hour for the session to allow the dog time to settle. Prior to each session, the dog should be clean and dry. You will also be asked to provide any information that may affect the safety of your practitioner.

Please do not feed your dog prior to the session


Please note

It is a legal requirement to have veterinary consent before a horse or dog can receive shiatsu. Prior to the initial treatment you will be asked to sign a form to confirm that you have obtained this consent.


  • Equine Shiatsu - £45 - 1 hour - additional travel charge may apply of area over 20 miles from Corsham
  • Canine Shiatsu - £40 - 45 mins - additional travel charge may apply of area over 20 miles from Corsham

To book an appointment,

for general enquiries

or to discuss your needs

07786 830 840



  "In January my gorgeous Boxer

   dog Portia had spinal surgery to 

   completely remove a disc and

   unfortunately she lost her beloved   

   companion Hattie the same week.

   Her operation went well but Portia

   was very distressed at being

   hospitalised despite pain killers

   sedatives and calmers. After 5

   days she came home exhausted.

   She had dropped condition and

   had blood shot eyes. She was

   also clearly missing Hattie greatly.

   I contacted Nina to see if she

   could help her emotional and

   physical recovery. Nina came so

   promptly and after the first session

   her blood shot eyes were almost

   normal again. Portia had 5   

   sessions which she absolutely

   loved and I truly believe shiatsu   

   aided her recovery to the happy   

   wiggly Boxer she is again now."


                                                                   -  Bev Hoddinott

Links to the Equine & Canine Shiatsu Associations:


  "I can’t recommend Nina highly enough, she has been magical throughout a horrific journey with my advanced event horse (Midge

   who won the RoR Racing to Eventing Series in 2014), who thankfully is now making a full recovery and did so through sheer grit

   and determination, he never gave up the fight and nor did we. He was close to losing his life through an inoperable bone chip and

   severe bone bruising in his foot causing fracture lameness. Nina worked closely with me and my vet throughout, treating Midge as

   he required and requested, sometimes with hardly any notice she would jump in her car and be with us, sometimes treating very

   holistically at other times more physically. Each time she treated him you could see them working together and going on the journey

   together. With every treatment the improvement or relief was clearly visible. Whilst Nina couldn’t remove the bone chip or clear the

   bruising as you can imagine his body was taking an untold battering, being fracture lame on one leg meant his whole body needed

   to compensate for him to move around, he was very fit when the accident happened so that helped a lot. He had a number of strong

   drugs and again that took a toll on his overall wellbeing. Whenever he had a strong drug treatment (such as opioids during MRI

   scans) Nina would come straight away and help rebalance his body. He is now so well and he is back in work and a very happy

   chap, he sees Nina on a regular basis for maintenance now. His recovery is against the referring vets reports, MRI images and their

   opinions and I think a lot of that is down to Nina and her work with him. My vet was confident of a full recovery but not as fast as it

   has occurred or with Midge looking so healthy so quickly. Interestingly as a bi product to her work, Midge did not have hay fever this

   year, a first in all the years that I have had him. Nina is professional, caring and highly skilled. Her empathy with horses is amazing.   

   Nina now treats all my event horses on a maintenance basis and if ever I have a concern she is my first port of call. A new young

   horse came into my yard and the first thing I did was have Nina check her out and work with her, prevention always being better than

   cure." - Elaine Tragett, Amateur International Event Rider

  "Nina has been regularly treating my horse for about 2 years now. He could probably be described as a ‘total rehab’ and not the sort

   of horse that most people would take on as an owner, let alone a therapist. Over the time that he has had contact with Nina I have

   seen him grow and develop in all aspects, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She has really had to adapt her therapy

   and done it in a way that has suited his character and my holistic approach to his rehabilitation. More recently I have started to have

   treatment from Nina that leaves me feeling calm, relaxed and empowered. I love being able to share a therapist with my horse and I   

   am sure I can speak for both of us in being able to thoroughly recommend her for her knowledgeable, gentle and reassuring manner."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -  Wendy Allan

  "When we brought Flo, our horse, she suffered from Sweetitch in her mane. We got her rugs and covered her up, treated her with

   sprays and hogged her mane to help us to help her.  In the Spring I came across Nina’s advert wanting horses with Sweetitch to be

   part of a research project. Flo had 3 treatments of Shiatsu and I can honestly say that she no longer suffers or shows any signs of

   sweetitch anymore. Having spent my time working on farms, being around horses and annual baling of hay I never expected to

   suffer from hayfever. However, on the birth of my son in 1995 I began the annual nightmare of Hayfever, suffering extremely badly

   with grass pollen. Walks with the dogs in June/July were horrid and being around horses and livestock hard, the grass pollen would

   make my eyes itchy, swollen and red, sneezes were constant, blocked and running nose, ears and throat were sore and itchy, my

   breathing would get so bad sometimes that I needed an inhaler. I hate taking pills and struggled finding anything on the market that

   worked anyway! Having had the horse treated for sweetitch I thought I would ask Nina if she would see if she could do anything with

   my hayfever. Having had three treatments, I am a walking advertisement! This year I haven’t suffered at all with my eyes, I walk

   through long grass and pollen filled fields with the occasional sneeze and life in June/July is so much more enjoyable outside. I still

   carry a tissue and I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t used on occasions, but the itchy and sore eyes and throat are definitely a

   thing of the past. Hay baling did cause laboured breathing but it was also the hottest day in 2015. 2015 has been quoted as being

   one of the worst years for hayfever - “The good weather typically brings increases in air pollution, which can make symptoms worse,

   and again lead them to occur in people who have been symptom free before, Dr Jean Emberlin,

   Scientific Director of Allergy UK said “that the number of sufferers inBritain is rising, to 20

   million this summer. That's a five million increase on the year before.” I would definitely

   recommend Shiatsu both for horses and humans alike! Thank you." - Penny Lander


07786 830 840